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Telegram SEO channel

Telegram SEO Channel for Post Submission 

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As Telegram is growing bigger and bigger and pulled out more WhatsApp users to join (some cases because WhatsApp make blunder by giving users data to Facebook). Telegram has more richer features in its own service, for example: Voice Chat, Anonymous Group Admin, New version of Bot API and much more. 

So.. What we have to offer to new joiner at Telegram? (In fact we are also new at Telegram, about 4 years if I'm not wrong). Well.. We have Telegram Free Ads Groups as our main focused group for helping each other, other Free Ads Groups and bla bla bla you can find at  List of Groups, sorry I can't mention them all one by one here. 

Now let's talk about my Telegram SEO Channel, that channel is mine and I'm not SEO expert, I'm just promoter and somewhat blogger, I know about simple HTML and CSS but I don't know about Ruby, Laravel, PHP and other advanced languages. 

How I can post the articles? Yes.. You are right.. I only post articles only what I know and mostly have been tested by me, a simple SEO practices for sure.. So can you help me fill the channel with your articles? Wait... It's for free.. I have no money to pay you.. As my appreciation I will re-share your articles, websites and other resources to my network and of course in the way I know, example: Using my Telegram Advertising Bot and other tools I have, including my Twitter Account and so on. 

Contact me if you are interested, similar interests is preferably good idea, I mean we are both are blogger. Thanks for reading this today launched blog. Take care.. 


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